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Welcome to the Mike Rowe Family Homepage

Hi there!  In and effort to reach out to our friends and family we have constructed this website for you viewing pleasure.  Well having a website to brag about our kids is a pleasure to us...so we thought we would share.

Current Updates!

  • Mikey has started second grad at a new school. He loves is new teacher and has really started to excel in reading and math. Go Mikey!
  • Cameron turned 5 this month and is chomping at the bit to go to school. She will joing Mikey at his school for kindergarten next year.
  • Audrey is growing up way too fast. She has become our little helper. We can't do any chores without her next to our side.
  • Dorothy got her first haircut from Aunt Beki and her first flight cross country to go to Grandaddy's birthday. Great Grandma Dorothy (Big Dot) fell in love with her namesake Little Dot.
  • Work is going good for Mike.  He's been moved into more management style roles and hopefully will continue up the ladder.
  • Cameron has been working on her dancing and is getting really good. Her new favorite movie...High School Musical. You can't go wrong getting her any high school musical stuff.
  • Mikey has also started piano and is doing really well. Ruth Dunn (long time family friend) is teaching him and it is working out great.
  • Audrey's vocabulary is really picking up, so mom and dad have to start watching what they say.  She's a smart one!

Snow is here again.

The past year made for big changes in our family.  We have officially settled in UT for the next couple of years. Despite hopes to move back to GA soon we took the full time job with Symantec and bought a home here in Provo. We love the house. The front part of the house was build in 1920 and is beautiful but old homes mean fixin' up. So we are doing our best to get her done! The kids love it though. They each get their own room now and have plenty of space to run and play. We definetly found a little jewel.

Special News

Cameron's health challenges.

It started back in GA with repeated high temperature fevers. We found out she had kidney reflux. She was on a strong antibiotic but a trip to the ER for a 105 fever put us closer to surgery. Thankfully after a year of anti-biotics the reflux has repaired itself and she doing fine and off medications. After getting to Utah was our battle with Kawasaki's disease. A fairly uncommon disease that can damage the heart. Lucky for us we had a top notch doctor that caught the disease before it could damage anything and we were able to get her admitted to the hospital quickly and have her treated. After a week in the hospital, a month of aspirin and 4 echocardiograms we are happy to say she is doing well and no damage was done. Follow up echoes will be done in two years and should come up negative. Please visit http://kidshealth.org/parent/medical/heart/kawasaki.html for more information of Kawasaki disease. Every child is suceptible!


Love you all!